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Guardian Herb Farms Peppermint - Sage Tea (With a hint of orange)


Naturally-grown and processed with no chemical pesticides or fertilizers right here near Nashville, Tennessee, our Guardian Herb Farms sage and peppermint is perfectly blended into this delicious, refreshing, relaxing tea. Sage is known as an aid to weight loss, hair growth and overall health. It has been recognized for centuries as a powerful natural anti-bacterial and has recently been found to aid in mental function and to help balance hormone levels. Peppermint has long been known as an aid to relaxation, good digestion and mental alertness. Together, in this delightful tea, these two great herbs can only do you good! (12) tea bags in an attractive, heat-sealed FDA-approved tin for only $7.95.  Price includes USPS shipping.

Additional tea bags (not in a tin) are available for $7.95 for two dozen. Contact us by email or phone to place your order for additional tea bags. NOTE: Your receipt will indicate that you purchased from Online Book Sales. That is the name of our publishing company and the primary company for our PayPal account. THANKS : )

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