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1.5-ounces dry weight, (8-ounces by volume) Guardian Herb Farms TENNESSEE SAGE

$9.95 $12.95

Only $9.95 for 1.5-ounces dry weight, (8-ounces by volume ), of the most flavorful and aromatic rubbed cooking sage in the world, packaged and heat-sealed in an attractive, FDA-approved decorative tin to keep it fresh.  Our sage is naturally-grown right here near Nashville, Tennessee with no chemical pesticides, carefully cultivated and processed by hand, air-dried in our own climate-controlled drying facility, ready to enhance your special recipes; no dyes, fillers, MSG or additives, only pure 100% sage. Why buy sage that is machine-cut, bailed and microwaved overseas when you can buy this great sage, carefully grown and processed right here in the U.S.A.? TENNESSEE SAGE is also perfect for all of your homeopathic uses. The price includes FREE first class USPS shipping.  NOTE: Your receipt will indicate that you purchased from Online Book Sales.  That is the name of our publishing company and the primary company for our PayPal account.  THANKS :  )

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