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Guardian Herb Farms is located near Nashville, Tennessee. NOTE: Our TENNESSEE SAGE is the grown and processed right here in Middle Tennessee. Others may package it in the United States, but their sage is grown in foreign countries where machines cut and bail it, cook it, grind it and ship in containers to the U.S. TENNESSEE SAGE is the highest quality rubbed cooking sage available anywhere in the world. We use no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our sage is hand-cultivated and hand-harvested, then air-dried in our own climate-controlled drying facility to ensure you of the cleanest, most aromatic and most delicious sage you have ever tasted. We carefully hand pack our rubbed sage in attractive, heat-sealed FDA-approved tins to assure freshness and quality. In addition to being the very best sage for your great cooking, TENNESSEE SAGE is also genuine HOMEOPATHIC QUALITY, MEDICINAL STRENGTH sage you can use with confidence in your homeopathic remedies.

We offer our TENNESSEE SAGE in a convenient .75-ounces dry weight, (4-ounces by volume) for $6.95 with FREE shipping, and in a larger size which contains 1.5-ounces dry weight, (8-ounces by volume) for $9.95 with FREE shipping. Click our web store button at the top of this page for all the details and to place your order. There is absolutely no comparison between the superior quality of our Guardian Herb Farms TENNESSEE SAGE and any other sage you can buy in any store. There are no dyes, fillers, MSG or other additives in our TENNESSEE SAGE, and it has never been micro-waved or cooked, so all of the essential oil, great taste and aroma are still in the sage!

NOTE: We will send you our SAGE RECIPE COLLECTION free upon request with your purchase. Feel free to share your favorite sage recipes with us by email and we'll add them to the collection.

In addition to our TENNESSEE SAGE, we offer our Original Guardian Herb Peppermint-Sage Tea, Guardian Herb Natural TENNESSEE STEVIA Leaf and our fresh Tennessee Blueberries,Blackberries and Muscadines in-season, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected] or feel free to call us (931) 980-2011 or (615) 430-7979.